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Middle East Ensemble 1996

A collection of songs, dances, and instrumental pieces from the Middle East Ensemble's 1996 concerts. With guest artists Sattar, Mohamad Heydari, Siamak Pouian, Ishmael, and John Bilezikjian.

Click on a link to hear a sample of each song:
These samples are .MP3 files, about 20 seconds of music.
Persian classical music featuring guests Sattar (vocal), Mohamad Heydari (santur), and Siamak Pouian (tombak):
1) Pishdaramad-e Shur
2) Ashk
3) Chahar Mezrab
Arab art music:
4) Sama'i Bayyati - with Ishmael (kanun)
5) 'Ud Taqasim - James Ismail
6) Billadhi Askara - with Ishmael (kanun)
Greek music:
7) Oso Varun Ta Sidhera
Armenian music featuring guest artist John Bilezikjian ('ud, vocal):
8) Seghan E Arad - with Ishmael (kanun)
9) Siroon Aghchig
10) Goojn Ara, Kana Kana, and Es Kisher - with Ishmael (kanun)
Simsimiyyah music from the Suez Canal:
11) Mata Ya Kiram - a Persian song
Turkoman music from Kirkuk, Iraq:
12) Ewlerinen Ogi Yonja
13) Helliden Daghlar Qemish
Turkish saz music:
14) Sut Ictim
15) Tren Giler -
16) Anvar
Modern Arab song and dance pieces:
17) 'Agib 'Agib - with Ishmael (kanun)
18) Rhythmic Taqasim -
19) Drum solo
20) Tutah finale

All profits from the sale of this CD go to the UCSB Middle East Ensemble.

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